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Africa Earth Day

The George region has been in the grip of the worst drought in 30 years. In spite of that, the local resource was still being polluted. The learners from the 14 schools are working on the River Health project and took it upon themselves to investigate and this lead to a biomonitoring project and an Earth week poster and information session at various schools. This received national media coverage and culminated into a presentation to local government on Earth Day.

The learners and teachers in the Cerom Region also had a cleanup session and in collaboration with the Works for Water project http://www.scienceinafrica.co.za/2001/june/wfw.htm , the Berg River was cleared of many Invasive Alien Plant Species. The Invasive Alien Plant Species Protocol in collaboration with the ESSP, Seasons and Biomes were also launched at a National Lead Teacher Conference and learners presented their research to the National curriculum advisors.

This was an amazing experience for them and a good opportunity for integration into national curriculum since we had participation from various African Countries including Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Malawi.

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