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Earth Day 2013

Earth Day 2013 was celebrated during the Annual GLOBE Africa Regional Meeting. At that even the participating countries pledged to uphold the values and goals of the GLOBE Program, that being to:

  • Improve science education;
  • Increase scientific understanding of the Earth as a system; and
  • Enhance the environmental awareness of individuals worldwide.

The Africa Regional Office and the Mossel Bay community will again be welcoming the participants to the 9th Annual meeting to be held from 26 - 28 February 2014. Daily proceedings will be recorded and published both here and on social media.
Speakers will include scientist from SAWS, Lady Amber and Oceans 4 teens.


What is GLOBE?
The GLOBE Program is an international environmental education project.
Schools gather environmental data and share it world-wide using the internet.

Find out more at www.globe.gov
GLOBE Africa (22 participating countries) is one of the 5 regions of the international GLOBE program (110 countries).

GIAC Chairman:
Mr. Mark Brettenny (South Africa)

For more information go to the international website:

Collaborating Organizations in Africa: